Presented by Manasi Vartak, Co-founder & CEO at Verta
In this talk, we focus on the impact of model versioning on stable and reliable MLOps. During the talk, we will demonstrate two MLOps pipelines; one with a model versioning solution as its foundation and one without, both using Jenkins for building and delivery and Prometheus/Grafana for monitoring. Through a few real-world simulations, we will show how a robust model versioning system can enable fast remediations of incidents and ensure that the MLOps pipeline can run reliably. We will wrap-up with a few best practices on building an MLOps pipeline using open-source components.


– What does an MLOps stack look like?
– How to build an MLOps pipeline with open-source technologies namely ModelDB, Jenkins and Prometheus?
– Why is versioning key to robust operations?


– Basic understanding of DevOps toolchain including Git, Jenkins, and optionally Prometheus
– Attendees should have some experience building models

Verta Model Monitoring is now in Community Preview!