Verta Model Catalog

Manage Your AI‑ML Models in One Place

Verta Model Catalog is a central repository to manage and deploy production-ready models.

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Verta Model Catalog ensures a reliable and automated release process.

Model Catalog makes model discovery, integration and governance easy across your enterprise

Data scientists publish all model metadata, documentation, artifacts in one central catalog

Engineers can find up to date model documentation, API contracts and container packaging and stay current with changes

Governance and Risk teams can monitor model I/O and performance, and administrate governance rules.

Executives and leaders can watch the adoption and growth of AI/ML programs throughout your enterprise and discover new opportunities to reuse existing technologies


Release Readiness with Model Catalog

Record and manage release lifecycles from development and staging to production and archive

Automatically track model versions to monitor the progress of ML iterations and simplify the model update process

Ensure models are ready for production release with custom governance checklists. Scan models for vulnerabilities and review training data for bias easily

Use web hooks to trigger downstream actions for model validation and deployment

Access detailed audit log for compliance


Deploy to production confidently with simple machine learning governance tools

Enterprise-wide visibility and transparency to your organization’s machine learning assets in use, retired or on deck

Promotion and Deployment checklists and automations for data scientists and engineers that can be customized and configured by your risk and ethics teams

Standardize model documentation, model schema and API management across your machine learning assets

Easily configure deployments and monitor all models in production within the platform

Track external and on-prem deployments in your model catalog


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One platform, all of your model delivery needs.



Full-lifecycle model management from experiment tracking to production registry



Ensure production-quality operations with reliable governance and auditing.



Reliable batch and real-time inference & serving on any k8s infrastructure.



Keep models relevant with real-time decay monitoring and logging.


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Verta supports all of these popular platforms and frameworks—plus many, many more.

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