Verta Model Deployment

Faster, more reliable scaling and deployment of machine learning models

Verta Model Deployment lets you package, deploy, and safely release model versions using CI/CD best practices. Once your models are safely in production the platform offers elastic scaling, high availability, and reliability to serve diverse workloads and operate at scale.

With Verta Model Deployment, you get so much more

Model deployment and serving

  • Deploy models to production with a single click
  • Generate predictions for both batch and real-time processing
  • Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline using open APIs

Safe deployment through best practices

  • Configure canary deployment for incremental model rollouts, setup auto-rollback options
  • Optimize infrastructure parameters like compute resources, environment variables

Scale inference service

  • Scale-up and scale-out with our high volume, low latency prediction service
  • One framework that supports both batch and streaming inference serving
How It Works

Take any model – safely deploy and auto-scale


Work smarter, not harder with Verta. They did.

Every time we wanted to roll out a model, we had to build a brand new prediction service and support it 24X7. The Verta solution was the only one customizable enough to fit our precise Kubernetes infrastructure. In addition, the team became so good with our underlying infra that they found & fixed bugs in it!”
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