Verta Model Registry

One centralized, collaborative hub for your AI-ML models

Verta Model Registry is a central repository to find, publish, collaborate on and use production-ready models. It integrates with your model governance workflows and deployments systems to guarantee a reliable and automated release process.

With Verta Model Registry, you get so much more

One unified hub to publish release ready models

  • Select the best fit models from model experiments and stage them for release
  • Publish all the model metadata, documentation, and artifacts in one central repository
  • Connect to experiment management system for end to end information tracking
  • Record stage transitions and manage release lifecycle from development, staging, production to archived

Model validation and CI/CD automation

  • Integrate with existing CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins, GitOps et all
  • Use webhooks to trigger downstream actions for model validation and deployment
  • Automatically track model versions and tagged releases

Manage model governance and compliance

  • Release models once they pass basic security and fairness checks
  • Configure and customize model promotion schemes and approval process
  • Build custom approval workflows and integrate with preferred ticketing system
  • Access detailed audit log for compliance

Increase visibility and collaboration

  • Unified view of all the models, documents, and artifacts for better monitoring and discoverability
  • Facilitate sharing, and collaboration of production-ready models
  • Setup granular access control editors, reviewers, and collaborators
How It Works

Build a central model hub and manage lifecycle


Work smarter, not harder
with Verta. They did.

We partnered with Verta to quickly deploy a model registry integrated with our identity systems and access control requirements to provide the trusted model supply chain Scribd needs to succeed.”
R Tyler Croy, Director Of Platform Engineering, Scribd

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