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About Us

Verta simplifies AI & ML model delivery, at scale.

Our Vision

The future is intelligent.

Increasingly, our everyday digital experiences — from image-recognition software that helps diagnose cancer to voice-assistants that let us operate devices hands-free — rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning models to function.

Models are the new code.

But while the tools to build useful AI & ML models are increasingly mature, scalable, and robust, the tools and processes to operationalize these models in production are relatively new and brittle. Between the difficulty of managing model and metadata versions, packaging and deployment of models within existing CI/CD systems, and maintaining model observability throughout the model lifecycle, operating AI & ML in production (especially at scale) is a frustrating struggle for small and large companies alike.

We build software for high-velocity data science, machine learning, and AI product teams.

We started by addressing the problem of model management: how to track, version, and audit models used across products, based on our research at MIT CSAIL building ModelDB -an open-source model management system deployed at multiple Fortune 500 companies - to create the Verta platform. Today, Verta provides model management and operations solutions for the entire AI & ML model lifecycle, from experiment tracking and production registry to deployment, inference & serving, and monitoring.

If the mission to enable business to create intelligent experiences inspires you, join us!

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Our Founders

Manasi Vartak

CEO, Verta

  • Created ModelDB at MIT CSAIL
  • Built industry 1st model diagnosis DB
  • ML for Twitter Newsfeed, Google Ads

Conrado Miranda

CTO, Verta

  • Platform lead for all ML at Twitter
  • Led ML infra for 200+ Data Scientists
  • Owned ML build & deploy at Nvidia

Our Investors

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