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AI Regulations

Ensure Compliance with
AI Regulations

Organizations use Verta to maintain ongoing compliance with the growing number of AI laws and regulations across their AI portfolio


What Verta can solve

AI regulations create new mandates, and compliance requires a new approach 
to ML model management.

Governments are adopting new regulations governing the use of AI/ML, but 90% of organizations are not prepared for compliance. Legislation like the US Executive Order on AI, EU AI Act, ADPPA and NY Law 144 create new requirements that require organizations to document, track, and manage ML models throughout their lifecycle, ensure model explainability and transparency, and support Responsible AI principles.

Centralized Model Inventory

Govern all model assets in a single, searchable catalog

Publish all model metadata, documentation and artifacts to a single catalog

Centrally govern all models, including traditional ML, deep learning and generative AI

Give non-technical stakeholders like Risk Management, Governance and Legal 
full visibility to your complete AI portfolio

Tag and track model assets subject to compliance with EU AI Act, GDPR compliance or other laws and regulations

Configurable Lifecycle Controls

Ensure every model and version is compliant with regulatory requirements both before deployment and in production

Configure standardized governance checklists to ensure models are fully compliant and release-ready

Validate that models pass essential process gates such as legal review, explainable AI validation, and assessments for ethics, bias and fairness

Scan models for vulnerabilities, and easily review training data for bias

Track input, output and intermediate results, with fully configurable 
performance monitoring for any serving infrastructure

Robust Model Documentation

Support transparency, auditability and explainability with complete, accurate model documentation

Leverage AI Assisted Documentation copilot to create robust model documentation quickly and easily

Track and visualize ML experimentation, and obtain full model reproducibility using code, data, configuration and environment variables

Access detailed audit logs to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements

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comply with AI regulations