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Ensure Compliance with AI Regulations

Organizations use Verta to track, manage and monitor their ML models to meet a growing number of regulatory requirements.


Regulations create new mandates

As AI increases in power, complexity and ubiquity, governments are adopting new regulations aimed at preventing negative outcomes from the use of AI and machine learning models.


Current and proposed legislation like the EU AI Act, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) create new requirements for documenting and reporting on the machine learning models that underlie AI.



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Compliance requires new approach to ML model management 

The new regulations are increasing financial and reputational risks for enterprises using AI and machine learning models in their business.

To comply with the growing number of regulatory requirements, companies are implementing tools and capabilities to document and manage ML models throughout their lifecycle, ensure model explainability and transparency, and support Responsible AI principles. 


Verta helps companies comply with AI regulations

  • Catalog all your ML models in a single location and standardize model documentation to enable explainability and auditability throughout their lifecycle.
  • Configure release workflows to manage model deployments in compliance with Ethical AI and corporate governance requirements.
  • Monitor model input/output and performance to mitigate risks from model drift, and access detailed audit logs to demonstrate ongoing adherence to regulations.
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