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AI Portfolio Management

Take control of your AI initiatives with AI Portfolio Management

Organizations use Verta to get enterprise-wide visibility and control over their AI projects and ML assets, delivering enhanced visibility, governance and ROI


What Verta can solve

Black box AI initiatives have traditionally left business leaders in the dark because they can't measure or track spend and ROI.

Executives lack visibility to the organization's full portfolio of AI projects, and they do not have tools to measure the performance of their ML assets. Leaders struggle to make informed decisions about which projects to support and where to invest. To be successful in their AI initiatives, executives need a central inventory for all their ML assets, access to tools for model performance management, and decision support capabilities built.

Centralized Model Inventory

Bring all ML assets into a single catalog for clear visibility and easier governance

Publish all ML assets in one central catalog for a unified view of your full 
AI portfolio

Gain enterprise-wide visibility and transparency to your organization’s assets 
in use, retired and on deck

Standardize deployment processes and model documentation to ensure robust AI governance and regulatory compliance

Access detailed audit logs for compliance

Model Performance Management

Monitor performance of your AI portfolio across the full ML lifecycle

Easily monitor all models in production within the platform

Track external and on-prem deployments

Track adoption, growth and performance of AI/ML programs throughout 
the enterprise

Capture rich business metrics in real time for all AI projects

Executive Decision Support

Track spend and ROI across your AI portfolio to make informed investment decisions

Clear executive visibility with robust out-of-the-box dashboards

Configure views to capture the key metrics that matter most to your team

Discover which projects are succeeding and where to increase/decrease investments

Shape your strategies based on accurate performance data, and make smarter decisions about your AI initiatives

Learn how Verta can help you achieve best-in-class AI Portfolio Management