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Ensure robust AI governance across all your ML model assets

Organizations use Verta to ensure that their use of AI and machine learning is ethical and compliant with the growing number of AI laws and regulations


AI creates new business risks

As companies scale ML, they face new challenges adhering to Responsible AI principles and complying with AI regulations. At the same time, the costs of non-compliance are rising. 


  • Biased outcomes can result in financial penalties and reputational damage.

  • Lack of explainability can run afoul of legal requirements for model transparency.

  • Security vulnerabilities that pass undetected into models in production can compromise consumer or company data. 

AI governance mitigates risks as companies scale machine learning

AI governance ensures that ML models are developed, operationalized and used responsibly, ethically and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

From a technology perspective, AI governance requires tools for tracking and documenting models from experimentation through production, establishing checks and controls in the deployment process, and monitoring the models in production to ensure they perform consistently as designed. 


Verta helps companies establish effective AI governance

  • Track and monitor ML models throughout their lifecycle.
    Publish all model metadata, documentation, artifacts in one central catalog.

  • Scan models for vulnerabilities, and review training data for bias easily.

  • Use governance checklists to ensure models are release-ready.

  • Monitor model I/O and performance, get alerts for performance degradation or drift.

  • Obtain full model reproducibility using code, data, configuration and environment variables. 
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