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AI Governance

Ensure Robust AI Governance

Organizations use Verta to enable end-to-end AI governance across their AI portfolio, ensuring that their use of AI/ML is ethical and compliant with the growing number of AI laws and regulations


What Verta can solve

Organizations need end-to-end 
AI governance to mitigate risks as they 
scale machine learning.

Robust AI governance ensures that machine learning and generative AI models are developed, operationalized and used responsibly, ethically and in compliance with the growing number of regulations. To enable AI governance, enterprises need a centralized model inventory, tools for ML lifecycle management and model performance monitoring capabilities.

Single Source of Truth

Govern all your ML assets in a centralized model inventory

 Publish all model metadata, documentation and artifacts to a central, 
searchable catalog

Centrally manage all your models, including traditional ML, deep learning 
and generative AI

AI Assisted Documentation ensures model documentation is accurate 
and complete

Technical and non-technical stakeholders share a single source of truth 
that facilitates governance, compliance and collaboration

Tag models to track key risk attributes such as EU AI Act or GDPR compliance, Generative AI risk factors or ESG-related attributes

Configurable Lifecycle Controls

Ensure every model and version meets governance, risk and Responsible AI requirements before deployment

Configure standardized governance checklists to ensure models are 

Validate that models pass essential process gates such as legal review, explainable AI validation, and assessments for ethics, bias and fairness

Scan models for vulnerabilities, and easily review training data for bias

Model Performance Monitoring

Monitor models in real-time to meet performance requirements and prevent impacts of model failure

Track input, output and intermediate results, with fully configurable monitoring for any serving infrastructure

Quickly identify issues such as drift, bias or accuracy degradation, and get actionable alerts when models are failing

Automate remedial action like fallback, model retrain or human-in-the-loop

Fully customizable dashboards and interactive charts

Learn how Verta supports 
robust AI governance