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Enterprise Model Inventory

Establish a centralized inventory of all your model assets

Organizations use Verta to create a single, searchable model catalog, enabling robust AI governance, end-to-end ML lifecycle management and accelerated value realization


What Verta can solve

Organizations can't effectively govern their AI portfolios if they don't know what models they have in production and where those models are being used.

The typical annual attestations can't keep up with AI/ML innovation, and data scientists wind up duplicating effort because they have no visibility into current assets and past work. To deliver optimal value from their ML investments, organizations first must bring all their ML assets into a single, centralized model inventory.

Centralized Model Inventory

Make model discovery, integration, governance and reuse easy a with real-time, always up-to-date inventory

Publish all model metadata, documentation and artifacts in one central catalog

Find up-to-date model documentation, API contracts and container packaging, and stay current with changes

Centrally monitor model I/O and performance in real time, and administrate governance rules

Track adoption and growth of AI/ML programs throughout the enterprise, and discover opportunities to reuse existing assets

Full Lifecycle Management

Record and manage release lifecycles from development and staging to production 
and archive

Automatically track model versions to monitor the progress of ML iterations 
and simplify the model update process

Ensure models are ready for production release with custom governance checklists

Scan models for vulnerabilities and review training data for bias easily

Use web hooks to trigger downstream actions for model validation 
and deployment

AI Governance

Deploy models confidently with easy-to-use but powerful governance tools, and monitor model performance throughout 
the ML lifecycle

Gain enterprise-wide visibility and transparency to your organization’s assets 
in use, retired and on deck, including on-prem and external deployments

Easily configure deployments and monitor all models in production within 
the platform

Customize and configure promotion and deployment checklists

Standardize model documentation, model schema and API management 
across your ML assets

Access detailed audit logs for compliance

Learn how Verta can help you create
an Enterprise Model Inventory