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Model Fleet Management

Take control of your models deployed at the edge

Organizations use Verta to enable holistic management 
of their models deployed across a diverse fleet of IoT
and other edge devices


What Verta can solve

Managing a fleet of models deployed on disparate edge devices presents unique technical barriers that organizations must overcome for effective Model Fleet Management

These challenges include lifecycle management complexities, challenges enabling deployment across diverse edge devices, and monitoring and governance hurdles. To overcome these challenges, organizations need tooling to enable centralized control and governance, efficient model deployment and scaling, and continuous monitoring and performance management.

Centralized Model Inventory

Bring all your ML assets into a single catalog for clear visibility and easier governance across external devices

Maintain a central catalog of all models and all their associated versions, including metadata, versions and associated artifacts

Record which devices are running what version of a model

Track and manage different versions of models, enabling easy comparison 
and rollback

Standardize model documentation with an AI documentation copilot

Operational Excellence in Deployment

Streamline deployment with standardized processes

Easily containerize models for consistent deployment across various environments

Deploy models to remote devices but coordinate centrally

Define standardized workflows for model deployment, versioning and retirement across edge devices, IoT devices, network endpoints and other remote locations

Easy model versioning of on-device models

Performance Management & Governance

Monitor and manage all your models consistently through a single platform

Configure governance checklists with process gates to ensure 
regulatory compliance and Responsible AI

Monitor performance across the full model portfolio, 
regardless of where deployed

Surface remote issues back to central command

Maintain audit logs to ensure compliance and traceability

Learn how Verta can help you achieve best-in-class Model Fleet Management