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Verta Insights Report

The State of Machine Learning Operations 2022


The State of MLOps study from Verta Insights explores trends, best practices and opportunities shaping the industry — from model experimentation and deployment through real-time safe operations. Importantly, the study revealed differences in how successful organizations approach ML versus laggards.

Key topics include:

  • Real-time explosion: Real-time use cases set for rapid growth
  • Investment priorities: How companies are building their Operational AI tech stack
  • Leaders vs Laggards: How successful companies are outperforming peers

Building and training complex models is no longer the competitive differentiator —now, companies need to effectively operationalize ML to realize value from their investments.

The paradigm shift evidenced in this study is the movement away from a focus on data science and toward a mindset where we treat models like software, and adopt an Operational AI mindset.