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Fast Tracks and Prompt Hacks - Introducing PromptBrew

Think back to the early days of the GenAI boom – about ~10 weeks ago 😱  

Early adopters of our Workbench had two striking similarities: they were quick to implement high-performing AI solutions powered by LLMs, but when it came to prompt engineering.

Big yikes.

It's not their fault — mastering prompt engineering is tough, especially when your genius lies in developing stellar products, not decoding the intricacies of LLMs. 

The stumbling block for our users wasn't model selection or integration (thanks to Verta's Workbench) - but crafting the perfect prompt. Our users need outputs that resonate with their products and brand's tone, whether professional or playful. I've been cheering them on with rallying cries of "Consider COT!" or "did you try few-shot?", then it dawned on me: Keeping pace with the latest prompt strategies was my job, not theirs. 

So I made PromptBrew: Our solution to catapulting users past the prompt puzzle. Imagine taking a rough prompt and expanding it into 10 dynamic dimensions to explore, sparking creativity and refining your focus. Then, integrating your user-specific data into the mix to tailor outputs like never before. With just a few clicks, you receive three or more draft prompts, each following a unique prompting strategy, ready for a test drive in our playground or to be added to your projects and leaderboards.

PromptBrew isn't just about generating suggestions; it's about empowering users to navigate through the multitude of prompting strategies effortlessly, identifying what resonates best with their goals. And the cycle of innovation doesn't stop—a prompt born from AI can be fed back into PromptBrew for iterative development.

Our vision with PromptBrew is clear: To smooth out the most friction-laden and time-intensive step in the GenAI development process. By equipping our customers with this tool, we're not just speeding up the integration of AI into their products; we're helping them launch successful, trustworthy solutions with no fuss.

In a world where the right prompt can make all the difference, PromptBrew is your shortcut to success. Dive in, and let's transform potential into reality, one prompt at a time. Try PromptBrew today.

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