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Introducing the Verta GenAI Workbench: Go from GenAI Idea to Product on One Platform


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With the race to go-to-market with LLMs, teams are being asked to prototype and deploy successful GenAI apps faster than ever. But it’s often unclear what models, prompts, and techniques will work best for your use case, and the LLM landscape is constantly changing. You end up spending weeks iterating and experimenting, only to be unsure if the results are actually good enough to launch.  

The Verta GenAI Workbench is an all-in-one platform for builders to go from GenAI idea to product. It’s the only solution on the market that includes model and prompt experimentation, robust automated and human-in-the-loop evaluation, and continuous iteration based on user feedback. Best of all, it’s made for builders of any technical level, whether you’re a no-code fan or an API purist.



Verta GenAI Workbench at a Glance

  • Immediately test your use case with the latest open-source and proprietary models
  • AI-generated starter kits suggest the best prompts for your app
  • Enable domain experts to validate results or use automated evaluation
  • Leaderboard tracks your best model and prompt combination
  • Deploy your GenAI product as an applet with one click
  • Learn from user feedback post-deployment to iterate on your model and prompts

Our design partners and customers have used this platform to build a variety of GenAI applications, ranging from creating marketing calendars to generating customer success emails.

Want to learn more about the Verta GenAI Workbench?

  • Sign up for free and build your own GenAI app today! (New users get 250 free credits on the platform)
  • We’re sending swag to the coolest apps built with the Workbench, so share your app by tagging us ProductHunt, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

We’re excited to see what you create!

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