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Verta and PyPI Integration

At Verta, our mission is to simplify the data science workflow and help companies maintain the highest standard on enterprise security and safety. Today, we are excited to announce our PyPI integration to help companies safely scale the use of their favorite trusted Python libraries to their data science team.

The Verta platform now supports the ability to integrate into private PyPI repositories that implement the Simple Repository API, such as ones created in Nexus or Artifactory. It gives you the ability to use secure, private, local PyPI repositories to share PyPI packages across your organization with fine-grained access control.

What is PyPI ?

The Python Package Index (PyPI) is the most commonly used central repository for Python packages that helps you find and install software developed and shared by the Python community.

When you install a Python package from PyPI, it's possible to have hundreds of dependencies and sub-dependencies. The public PyPI repositories let your team get started quickly and browse a wide world of available tools and functionality.
Relying on a public repository for your business applications does come with various challenges like:

  • Unintentionally using unlicensed software
  • Introducing vulnerabilities and complicating running security scans on all dependencies
  • No guaranteed uptime and availability

As an enterprise grade model management and deployment platform we provide seamless support for both public and private PyPI. Your users can use public PyPI when appropriate, or leverage private PyPI repositories to deploy a PyPI server privately and keep your artifacts safe, secure, confidential and always available.

Verta PyPI integration overview

As part of setup, system admins can configure one or multiple private PyPI repositories for data scientists to access. System admins can completely block the system from accessing public PyPI or choose to use it as a fallback option, depending on your unique compliance needs.

When models are packaged or deployed in Verta, we automatically parse through PyPI repositories and fetch dependencies. This simplifies the data scientists' workflow and helps them use the best, approved packages wherever possible.

This setup is fully transparent to data scientists and they don't need to worry about where the dependencies are pulled from, whether the libraries are licensed or secure to use.

How to set up the integration?

  • If you are a system admin, go to the Integrations tab in the system admin panel to set up PyPI.


  • In the setup screen provide the following information: name, repository URL, username and password. Test the integration and then save.


  • You can set up multiple PyPI repository integrations and the Verta system will parse through all the repositories when looking for dependencies.


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